Refugee homeless food and water distributions

Refugee homeless food and water distributions

With God’s blessing and the power of crowd funding it was possible for Goodwill Caravan team to reach our targets and more on our last quarterly trip out to Greece. In the week we were out there we were able to:

Conduct 2 refugee homeless food and water distributions.

Three remote camp visits delivering halal meat and vital winter aid for adults and children alike and medications.

Sponsoring our second children’s camp celebration of 2017( our first was Elefsina camp’s New Year celebration). The second was Ritsona Camp’s families Valentines party for Food, water, toys and decorations.

Honoured continuing our Temporary housing project and paying rent/food allowance to all our families out in Athens and Rhodes and took on 5 new vulnerable families some for rent and food, and some for food allowance and aid alone including one set of orphaned siblings from Aleppo who were living in an unsuitable squat with their young aunt.

We are in the process of helping advise and manage referrals for some of the families with children that have severe physical war inflicted disabilities and have had welcoming collaboration from organisations such as MSF team and Safe Passage team in Greece as well as Khora and Babel psychological services.

Bought prescriptions glasses for one of the family members in our housing project who had been suffering from headaches due to losing his glasses when their dinghy was overturned in the sea. The look on his face when he could see clearly for the first time was incredibly rewarding.

Bought baby milk in bulk, and nappies and infant necessities for our new families with newborns since the infant and mother clinic in Athens has recently closed down.

We are now taking on SOS calls from families stranded in Syria and are looking at the logistics of sending food to them and winter aid by air not the usual sea containers as their conditions are dire. We could not have accomplished a single thing without your generosity and believing in us. God bless you all and God give us the strength to continue helping as many vulnerable families as we can.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank my amazing team members Rafidah Al-Azeer, Haseena Morad, Nader Al-Tahan, Yasmina Ahmed Ezzat, Rehab Salim, Nick Ziogas , and Ali Daas, Feraz Younas (from Ummah Care Foundation) and of course Khatija Sacranie.; as well as all the GWC refugee vulnerable families that smile and welcome us in to their homes as kindly as they used to welcome us into their tattered tents offering us all they have even before they had a clue that we had assessed and decided to take them on for our temporary housing project. As well as thanking the amazing humanitarians that have gone out of their way to selflessly help GWC with our housing project Malika Zakour , Rando wagner, Sara Lew, Road to Freedom Team, Alice Faye Careless, Electra Leda Koutra, Novotel Athens, Haute Elan, Salwa Amor, Bliss Pharmacy for their generous donations for refugee aid trips and fundraisers who have supported GWC throughout from the start in Calais Jungle. . Thank you to amazing donated auction items for fundraisers by Double Tree By Hilton In Ealing, Kidzania, So Spa Sofitel St.James, British Airways amazing community team, Hoe Café in Athens and to my husband Waleed Rizk who has supported me throughout to mention but a few. The power of love, compassion and power in numbers uniting to protect these victims of war is overwhelming. God bless.



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