Goodwill Caravan March 2017 aid trip

Goodwill Caravan March 2017 aid trip

Goodwill Caravan March 2017 aid trip:Sustained Housing Project, emergency food shops and legal aid support for Goodwill Caravan’s vulnerable families. Housed new vulnerable family referrals on our waiting list. Conducted bulk aid drips of halal meat, baklawa for Eid Nawruz for Kurdish community in Ritsona camp as well a as Yezidi refugee communities in squats. Researched makeshift mosques with construction specialist from ‘Respond’ to.give estimates of costs makeshift mosques in.preparation for our Ramadan Ramadan appeal. Registered Goodwill.Caravan as charity in Greece. Sourced a central based office unit that is currently being cleaned and painted to run operations out of.

None of this would have been possible without the support of our donors, our sharers and those who pray for us. God bless






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