Goodwill Caravan wins award from The World Peace & Prosperity Foundation

Goodwill Caravan wins Award from The World Peace & Prosperity Foundation at The House of Lords

Goodwill Caravan’s first family accepting Award of Peace &Prosperity with founder of Goodwill Caravan Hanan El-Ashek, their award was for bravery.

These children siblings from Syria we’re living in freezing conditions in the muddy swamp that was the jungle refugee camp Calais Winter 2015, they are now in the safety of a warm home in London with their mother. Goodwill Caravan team met these children in winter of 2015 in the jungle refugee camp , the children cried for help when their mother was too sick communicate due to a cardiac episode and they grabbed my hand and said ‘help our mother please’, they were 6 and 3 at the time they got an award today for bravery.

We are now raising funds to pay for their school uniforms and educational classes to help them catch up with school as they were out of school for most of their lives due to war in Syria. We have hundreds of unaccompanied children that we run protection projects for in Greece , with some children that we work hard to get out of prison and detention centres when they loose their parents . We will continue to work and with your support it will help our resolve to carry on helping the most vulnerable.




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