Goodwill Caravan is a small grassroots humanitarian charity operating in the UK and in Greece.  We run humanitarian protection projects for vulnerable refugee families, orphans, detained unaccompanied children at risk of organ trade, trafficking and kidnappings if left in detention centres, prisons or homeless on arrival to the Greek islands.

Our vision is of world in which children affected by war or natural disaster can live safe and fulfilled lives.  This vision drives our mission to deliver life-changing humanitarian support to refugees and others in greatest need, regardless of identity.

We were created in 2015 when our founder, Hanan Ashegh discovered the inhumane conditions in which young children were living in a Greek refugee camp.

“I was simply overwhelmed by what I saw and was shocked by some of the stories I heard. The one that shook me to the bones was that of a little 7-year-old girl, who was raped by a gang of men shortly after she had arrived at the camp. I just couldn’t simply go not stand there and do nothing.” – Hanan Ashegh, Founder of Goodwill Caravan

All Hanan had was her will to help and save as many children as she could. This was the beginning of Goodwill Caravan.

Now, three years on, we have helped over 30,000 refugees via our disaster relief work and kept hundreds of vulnerable refugee families off the streets through our shelter programmes

Our mission to identify and help the most vulnerable families in danger of malnutrition, human trafficking, organ trade, abuse and those sleeping rough on the streets.

We intervene where no one else can help and got most of our referrals from other aid agencies, who are themselves overwhelmed on the ground. We provide emergency shelter, food, legal, educational and critical medical care for the most vulnerable refugee families in Greece and support families in U.K to integrate and become independent productive members of society and find some peace.   


Since 2011, over 5.6 million Syrians have fled their country because of what is known as one of the worst humanitarian crisis of all times. In 2017, more than 170,317 people made the treacherous journey across the Mediterranean Sea seeking safety. People left their friends and communities, losing their homes, their livelihoods and in too many cases their lives.

Half of those people are children.

Official figures tell us 17,000 have disappeared on their arrival. However, this number is based solely on those who had paperwork with them. We know that the real number of refugee children who have disappeared on their arrival is at least four times higher.

In Greece, there are an estimated 18,500 migrant children in refugee camps, more than 2,500 of whom are unaccompanied, who should be under the protective custody of the police. What this means is that most are currently detained in prison cells as no other alternative has been found. What this also means is that children are an easy prey for human traffickers and sexual abuse.

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Our Founder

Hanan Ashegh – Founder of Goodwill Caravan AMKE Greek Charity Registration Number 997024900

When I went to Greece in 2015 as a simple volunteer to help bringing and distributing food in refugee camps, I was far from imagining this would be a life changing trip.
I was prepared to see poor living conditions in the camps. I thought that my background as a professional mental health practitioner would help me to deal with the trauma faced by Syrian refugees who had left everything behind because of the war.
Then, I met a young girl. She was 7 years-old when she arrived in the refugee camp on Greece. Shortly after their arrival, she was raped by a gang of men and the trauma of had happened to her meant she couldn’t speak any more. Her story just shook me. I then started meeting and talking to more families and children and was shocked to find out that she was not an isolated case. Children are particularly vulnerable and in constant danger in the camps – of getting sexually abused but also of disappearing to become sex slaves or killed for organ trafficking. 
All I had was my will to help and save as many children as I could. This is how Goodwill Caravan started. Now, three years on, we are more committed to make sure that refugee children and their families are safe, treated with dignity and can live fulfilled lives.
I hope you will join us in our journey. We need all the help we can get.
Thank you, 







Outreach & Family Liason Officer



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