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Afghanistan continues to be in crisis after two decades of war and internal conflict, with recent events exponentially elevating the danger levels on locals to critical. This is causing families to be internally displaced escaping danger of militants as they are  forced to flee their homes in search of safety due to the political insecurities and conflicts.

According to the UNHCR, there are estimated to be around 2.9 million internally displaced persons within Afghanistan*. With the current emergency situation, our legal service in Greece is seeing a colossal influx of families fleeing Afghanistan seeking refuge.


Goodwill Caravan’s Emergency legal Aid service in Greece has supported tens of thousands of vulnerable refugee families feeling war and prosecution from Afghanistan over the past 6 years in finding protection and safety as well as family reunification.

Approximately 50% of those who use are services are from Afghanistan and this number is forecasted to grow exponentially. Our legal service is our flagship project; it is tasked with delivering a holistic approach to legal emergency response, guidance and assistance.

Our legal service supports families for a plethora of legal cases including but not limited to:
• Family reunification
• Emergency detention release & shelter
• Asylum claims
• Appealing deportations
• Second rejection appeals
• Support in accessing healthcare systems


How you can help?

We believe in the power in numbers. Afghanistan is enduring a humanitarian crisis and together we can support those who are most in need by helping them find safety through legal routes. We urge you to donate today to our legal service in Greece in continuing to serve the influx of refugees from Afghanistan and help reunite family members that have been forcibly separated due to the ongoing war.

We, the humanitarian community stand in solidarity with the people of Afghanistan and all those who endure persecution. Stand with us


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