Goodwill Caravan Support Greece Campaign

Help Stranded Gaza Medical Students Achieve Their Dreams

During a recent operational trip to our Goodwill Caravan Egypt projects, our team had the privilege of conducting 25 one-to-one interviews with stranded medical students from Gaza. These students are 3rd and 4th-year medical honour students studying at universities in Cairo and closer to the Palestine/Egyptian border. We heard their devastating stories of loss and trauma and learned that many are at risk of being expelled, and some had already been expelled from universities and evicted from their accommodation due to being unable to pay their fees or rent.

Many students we spoke to have heard that their family members in Gaza are missing or dead. Their only wish is to return and practice medicine in Gaza to help their people and anyone in need of medical attention in Gaza.

Donations 100% Zakat eligible

Support Future Doctors from Gaza

At £4000 per year per student, it will cover tuition, accommodation, and food vouchers. Following our GWC policies, all funds will be directly paid to vendors - the university, landlords, and supermarkets. Moreover, the university has allowed some of these students to continue a semester or year fee-free, meaning they have incurred debt.

Our appeal includes donations to cover their debt, allowing them to eventually graduate as doctors. Let us help them to regain hope and fulfill their dreams of becoming doctors and practicing in their home country.

Donations 100% Zakat eligible

Join Goodwill Caravan in supporting the dreams of these students

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