Goodwill Caravan team continue our Ramadan appeal for refugees stranded in Greece.

Ramadan food packages have been going well each set of packages has dried and canned food high in protein, fresh veg and fruit and chicken enough to last a family for 1-2 weeks depending on how large families are. We have successfully distributed Ramadan food packs & hot iftar meals to 500 families..Each food bag costs €28 Euros and each full hot meal costs €3.50. If you want to buy a food pack to feed a vulnerable family for a week in Ramadan it would cost you €28 and if you want to feed a vulnerable family of 4 iftar for a week it would cost you €24.

Due to Greek government giving closure notices to all underground makeshift mosques in mainland Athens as they are unfit for purpose an imam took it upon himself to rent a unit and try to raise money to renovate it as its a ground floor unit with 2 exits and sunlight reaches it so it complies with health and safety new regulations. Goodwill Caravan have since put some of your kind donations towards it but we need to raise more for it to be ready for the last week of Ramadan and Eid. Makeshift mosque renovations are going well they need the following for it to be ready for Eid prayer becoming one of the first makeshift mosques in mainland Athens that should escape the closure notices.

  • Prayer Mats €170
  • Lighting for mosque €180
  • Speakers and sound system €250
  • Separate female entrance €250
  • Engineer and licencing €1200
  • Bathroom.taps/wuduu area €600


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