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Support Najib’s Rehabilitation

Support Najib’s Rehabilitation

Wonderful News after 18 months of waiting!

Najib is 15-year-old and was already fighting for his life. Najib is one of the victims of the Syrian war – he was only 10 when his family home in the Syrian city of Homs was hit in an airstrike in 2013. He was declared dead and about to be buried when his mother caught a glimpse of his heart beat when she thought she was touching his ankle one last time to say goodbye. Since, we have done everything we could to help them and thanks to the generosity of our donors, we were able to bring the family to the UK so that Najib could receive a medical assessment at the Great Ormond Children’s Hospital. 

We were told that unless Najib was operated, his kidneys will fail which would have disastrous effects on his lungs. After 18 long months of waiting, Najib’s spinal reconstructive surgery took place on 01st November at the Great Ormond Street Hospital.  Sky News have accompanied Najib and his family on their journey. To see their journey, click here

We are now trying to raise £30,000 for his post operation rehabilitation.

On behalf of Najib, we would like to thank everyone who has supported and donated towards the cost of the operation. A special thank you to Najib’s Spinal Surgeon, Dr. Nadarajah who has very generously waived his fees so that we could go ahead with the surgery.





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