Winter Appeal

Over 75,000 refugees currently live in filthy conditions in refugee camps in Greece. 30,000 of them are children. The war in Syria has forced millions of people to flee their homes, leaving them no choice but to take on a dangerous journey with the hope they will be able to

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GWC emergency aid trip to Greece 19-04-2017

Goodwill Caravan emergency aid trip to Greece Sunday 19th March 2017. Due to European commission’s recent decision to expel all refugees off all the Greek islands onto the mainland for processing or deporting back to a third safe country (Turkey) an exodus of refugees has now been set in motion.

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Goodwill Caravan March 2017 aid trip

Goodwill Caravan March 2017 aid trip:Sustained Housing Project, emergency food shops and legal aid support for Goodwill Caravan’s vulnerable families. Housed new vulnerable family referrals on our waiting list. Conducted bulk aid drips of halal meat, baklawa for Eid Nawruz for Kurdish community in Ritsona camp as well a as

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