Refugees in Greece and the UK represent myriad diverse communities from around the globe. In Greece, for example, it’s not uncommon for families to wait in limbo for more than two years, pending decisions on their future safety and aspirations. Goodwill Caravan intervenes via key core programs, where the need is the greatest. Here are our three main projects:


Providing emergency housing, food allowance, medical and legal aid to homeless vulnerable refugee families and orphaned children, until their asylum process is complete. Housing can be from 3 months to 14 months in duration depending on the families’ asylum claim process.


Facilitating and covering complex medical and surgical interventions for children victims of wars, where there are no other alternatives.

Leila’s Story :
Out of the dark there was light for Leila, at the age of 9, the last thing Leila saw in 2015  was her mothers torture and murder after which Leila went into a diabetic shock and lost her eye sight. she developed developed Type 1 diabetes from the shock.  On Friday 1st December 2017  Leila saw again for the first time in 2 years and today she is in school with her baby sister as a result of private  medical aid/procedures provided via Goodwill Caravan donors. 
This is Euronews Greek  link for last Goodwill Caravan mission a couple of months ago. http://gr.euronews.com/2017/12/04/prosfigopoulo-vriskei-tin-orasi-toy-sta-xeria-ellina-giatroy


Providing free legal aid is available to asylum seekers through the GWC Legal Aid Board to assist at all stages of the international protection process.

Ibrahim’s story:
A 9 year old orphaned boy, Ibrahim, barely survived the crossing from Turkey to Greece in the Aegean Sea in an overcrowded dingy.
They set off and it was windy and cold, the waves were very high. The engine of their tiny boat stopped working within an hour of being at sea. Turkish life guards came, who the families thought would save them, but instead they capsized their boat.  
Ibrahim’s mother, Maha, treaded water for 5 hours calling out her son’s name and holding onto the hope he will be saved with every breath until the Greek life boats came. 
Ibrahim said “the life jackets were pulling us down not helping us float they hurt my neck” (life vests are stuffed with sponge instead of air to drown refugees). “My mummy’s voice got more and more faint” as she prayed to God with Ibrahim to save her son. Greek life coast guard came and were able to resuscitate Ibrahim but his mummy went under. 
After emergency hospitalisation Ibrahim, like many other lone orphaned children, was detained but thankfully Goodwill Caravan won a legal battle to get him released and sent to the mainland where the public prosecutor approved his stay at the Goodwill Caravan shelter in Athens under safeguarding supervision from our staff. His aunt was located from Holland and she was very grateful that her nephew had survived and she travelled to Greece straight away with her young children to be with her nephew and to arrange burying her sister.
Ibrahim is sheltered and fed at GWC shelter now and taken care of re medical and asylum to help get Ibrahim permission to be legally reunified with his aunt and live with her in Holland.
We will continue to help the most vulnerable and this is only possible with the will of God and the help of the goodwill and kindness of  humanitarian supporters such as yourselves.


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